Banking Service Studies

At various times over a period of ten years and more, we have served the banking sector in Nigeria with regard to service excellence issues, customer perceptions of brands and services, and bank employee satisfaction. Some of the banks are Ecobank, FCMB and Keystone Bank (formerly Bank PHB). 

Service Excellence Tracking Study for Ecobank Nigeria Plc. 
This was a suite of studies conceived to keep the bank’s service excellence ideal on track. The study package included a Customer Service Audit (evaluating Premises, Employees, and Corporate Standards), Customer Satisfaction Survey, and Employee Satisfaction Survey. Study was conducted at quarterly intervals across the bank’s branches pan-Nigeria.
Brand Perception Study for Ecobank Nigeria Plc. 
The study sought to determine how the bank was perceived among key target groups. It was conducted via the focus group approach and involved consumer, commercial and institutional respondents in major cities in Nigeria. 

FCMB Brand & Service Perception Study
Conducted across 12 key locations and involving 2,000 respondents, the study assessed the level of FCMB’s brand recognition, perception, awareness, loyalty, positioning, etc. Focus groups and field interviews were used.

Keystone Bank Employee Satisfaction Survey
This study assessed the level of employees’ satisfaction with the bank, their work environment, level of supervision, their training, their pay, etc. It was conducted anonymously through self-completed questionnaires across all branches and employee categories.