Some Facts About MARS

Market Audits & Research Services Limited (MARS) commenced business in 1992 as a full-service research agency to provide market research and allied consultancy services of the highest professional standard to local and international clients. As professionally trained research practitioners, we believe in sustainable business relationships. We focus on delivering superior value through the adoption of innovative professional research techniques.
                     -     99% Satisfied Customers

What Makes us Different?
  • We Are Down To Earth: We are down-to-earth and rigour-minded
  • We Adopt Best Global Practices: We furnish you with international best practices for observing, recording, and analyzing phenomena.
  • We operate with cutting-edge-skills: In our fast changing and technology-driven world with competition-driven marketing, only cutting edge skills can deal with the emerging complexities of the marketplace. Most marketing issues, problems or dilemmas of the current global cosmos demand international best practices for observing, recording, and analyzing phenomena – and correctly interpreting the results and proffering evidence-based solutions.
  • We understand Customer needs: Today’s customer is not only rational but very sophisticated. To address his needs, marketers must be armed with the right mix of marketing innovations – a superior and all-round marketing intelligence. This calls for a knowledgeable research partner and here we step in. Down-to-earth and rigour-oriented, MARS deals with each client’s problem with clinical concern. We focus on just one objective: to use research as the tool for results-driven success of client’s business and ours..