Market Audits & Social Research

We well understand the global marketplace: multi-faceted, dynamic, information-driven!

Take informed Decisions

We don’t read the minds of clients but we understand their needs and dilemmas. You need cutting edge skills to research the new global arena.

“Today’s customer is very sophisticated.”

We track their lifestyles, their aspirations, their needs, and available options.


Domains of Expertise

Since commencing full business in the first quarter of 1992, we have conducted hundreds of research projects and wide-ranging in character.

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Research Services/Techniques

Our research methodologies are tailored to the nature of each problem.

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Research Locations

Our professional services have revolved around Nigeria and Ghana in Africa but now extended globally.

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Market Sectors

We serve diverse sectors of the economy, including banking, insurance and financial services.

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We Elevate Research

Name it: from quarterly pan-Nigeria omnibus survey on household consumer products, nationwide market evaluation of services (e.g. for Hi Media Limited, owners of HiTV cable TV), pan-Nigeria public opinion tracking for sectors and institutions (e.g. the Nigeria Police Force), quarterly nationwide price and distribution studies (e.g. until recently, for US multinational Procter & Gamble Limited), to B2B studies, we always elevate research to the next level.